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What voiceover and dubbing are?

When it comes to language translation in audiovisual media, you have two options:

– Or translate with written text on the screen (subtitles)

– Or re-dub the original soundtrack (voice-over or dubbing comes into play here).

Voiceover and dubbing are methods of interpreting a message for a new audience.

However, while the voiceover is narrative in nature and lacks the emotion and tone of the original sound,

dubbing is much more accurate as it preserves the tonal, emotional and technical richness of the original soundtrack. Voiceover text is visible to viewers, dubbing is not.

While both are forms of reappraisal, dubbing is more creative and adaptable to new audiences.

while voice-over is more loyal to the original content.

Dubbing is also called language substitution, and it creates the illusion that the actors on the screen are speaking in the audience’s native language.