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Voice actor with voice director

NB! This training is not currently offered in English.

For those who plan to significantly improve their professional level.

The program is designed for professionals who already have experience in working with voice (work in the theater, on radio or television, holding an event, etc.).

Those who have the potential, but require additional skills, are invited to take a course of 12 lessons (each lesson 1.5 hours of theory + 3 hours of practice in the studio).

Course fee: 507 euros (including VAT)
Split payment possible – EUR 169 + EUR 169 + EUR 169

At the end of the course you will:

  • •  be professionally trained
  • •  learn the necessary skills to work in the field of voice acting
  • •  get voice analysis, and evaluation of your work from teachers
  • •  have a VOICE PORTFOLIO – a set of demo recordings of your voice made in a professional studio. This will be an effective indicator and the main result of your work.

All the knowledge and skills gained in the course can be used successfully in other areas related to voice and speech – presentations, negotiations, work in recording studios, radio, etc. You will learn to effectively influence listeners, which will also enable you to become a professional announcer, speaker, lecturer, coach.

The most successful participants can be invited to work for DIGI MEDIA.

The program includes:

  • •  Theory – 18 hours
  • •  Practice in the studio – 36 hours.


During the entire course:

  • •  home works
  • •  general chat for members
  • •  individual feedback from teachers
  • •  developing tests for literacy of speech

In practice, we will record materials of different genres and directions:

  • •  advertising
  • •  cartoons
  • •  art films
  • •  documentary films
  • •  youth series
  • •  reality shows
  • •  children audiobooks, etc.