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Voiceacting Academy

Voice actor with voice director
Voice actor with voice director

For those who are essential to be heard.

Our programs allow you to fully and planfully develop your speaking skills, voice, communication abilities, self-confidence by speaking in front of an audience or conducting discussions.

For those who want to improve their ability to perform in front of an audience (in class, among colleagues, during meetings with partners and clients or at a friend’s wedding). You will learn to effectively influence the audience, which will give you the opportunity to become a professional speaker, lecturer, coach, narrator.

At the Voice Acting Academy, we work with women’s and men’s voices, as well as children’s voices. We are happy to enroll both radio personalities and amateur theater actors. Apply and start your voice acting career!

The effectiveness of the teaching is guaranteed at the Voice Acting Academy not only by an experienced team, but also by the fact that the teaching process is led by a highly experienced Voice Acting Director.

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  • Psychological preparation to perform
  • Speech training
  • Diction
  • Speech logic
  • Speech content
  • Work with your audience


  • Basic principles of working with voice
  • Rules of work in the studio
  • Goals and objectives of the announcer
  • Characteristics of the voice
  • Speech and breathing when voicing
  • Articulation, diction
  • Tips for the hygiene of the speaker's voice
  • Speech thinking
  • Working with text
  • Elements of acting in voice acting
  • Working on common speech errors is a practic
  • Orthoepy and speech technique