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Media Services


We will prepare materials for screening in social media platforms, on TV, telephony or any format by demand

Transcoding is the conversion of a video file from one digital format to another. This operation involves translating three elements at the same time – file format, video and audio.

With DCP your content will be protected and cinema ready – DIGITAL CINEMA PACKAGE (DCP) creation & DCP ENCRYPTION (KDM) is the latest step in preparing material for screening in digital cinema or movie theaters.

We use only professional, state-of-the-art software, which enables us to achieve the highest DCP quality possible. Service includes converting your material to 2D or 3D DCP format and KDM encryption (a batch of keys for the Baltic region).

We have all the necessary transcoding hardware, software and infrastructure capabilities to quickly create the necessary files and deliver them to the client in the most convenient way.

The wide range of formats we work with will allow the client to receive exactly the format he needs.