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This is a common abbreviation for Interactive Voice Response. IVR automated telephone systems are used by contact centers to answer incoming calls or to provide a recorded message with options and information to the caller when an outgoing call is answered. 

Callers can enter their answer using their telephone keypad (tone dialing) or using voice commands (IVR with voice recognition). The IVR system then redirects the call via routing to either the agent or the self-service application.

IVR is often the first interaction between a caller and an organization when calling a call center, so it can influence the caller’s perception through tone of voice and ease of use. 

The voice of the announcer (timbre, age) is important in the creation of IVR, as well as the jingle that is played while the customer is waiting to be connected. We provide these services as a one-stop shop, offering a large selection of voices from the voice bank, and we also have a music composition service at the customer’s disposal. Also, we offer to make an IVR recording not only to connect with the appropriate specialist, but also to inform the client about holidays or celebratory days.