Sound design

Sound design, original music composing, voice recordings, audio programming and implementation for various types of mobile or video games.

Original music creation

  • We will create a piece of origina music that adds athmosphere to the game and melodies that reflect and inspire its essence – every tone and rhythm is in line with the message of the project. Catchy tunes that will stay in your mind and created music that “immerses players in worlds of adventure”.

Sound design

  • Our sound design team digs into every sound detail – every tone and rhythm is carefully selected and incorporated, creating a synergy between visual and auditory content. In the sound design process, we explore to understand the project. With precise settings adjustments and processing, we achive that the sounds are not only heard, but also felt.

Voice recordings

  • In our studios we use high quality recordings and editing technologies to ensure that every voice recording is clear, without background noises and with optimal sound quality, giving the text life and connection between content and audience. Carefully picked professional voice actors unite tallent and precision by ensuring that every phrase is rendered with the right intonation and emotion according to your project.

Audio programming

  • We provide audio programming services in a global scale. We specialise in the unique integration of sound effects by using special programming technologies to precisely controle every note and effect, creating spatious, engaging sounds that completely integrate in the project – providing not only audible but also eotional audio experience.


  • Our specialists are working with excellence, using audio middleware such as Wwise and FMOD, as well as custom tools in Unity and Unreal engines. We allow no compromises for audio quality, providing dynamic and enjoyable sound integration. Playing a game you will not only see but also fully immerse yourself in the world of sound, in which every note is designed carefully, to provide an unforgettable gaming experience.