Interactive Voice Response

What is an IVR (Interactive Voice Response)?

Interactive Voice Response, commonly abbreviated as IVR, refers to automated phone systems used by contact centres to manage incoming and outgoing calls. When answering an incoming call, IVR systems provide callers with recorded messages containing options and information.

Callers can respond by using the phone’s keypad (tone dialling) or through voice commands (IVR with voice recognition). The IVR system then employs routing to direct the call to an agent or a self-service application.

An IVR often serves as the initial interaction between a caller and an organization when contacting a call centre, thus influencing the caller’s perception through tone of voice and ease of use.

When creating an IVR, the voice of the announcer (including timbre and age) holds significance, as well as the jingle played while the customer awaits connection.

We offer these services as a one-stop shop, providing a wide selection of voices from our voice bank, along with music composition services.

Additionally, we offer IVR recordings not only to connect callers with appropriate specialists but also to inform clients about holidays or special occasions.