Improve your visitors' experience with an audio guide specially designed for museums, galleries, and various tourist attractions.

We offer to record the audio guide with different voices in several languages:

Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Russian, Ukrainian

An audio guide is a great way to explore a new place and learn about its history and culture. They are the perfect companions for tourists who prefer to explore at their own pace and on their own terms. In this section, we'll take a detailed look at audio guides, including their features, benefits, and pricing.

We offer to create an audio guide from A-Z

We offer to create an audio guide from A-Z

Starting with a

Selection of the most suitable audioguide solution, consultation for content preparation.

Text translation and editing

Translation of texts in different languages. If you have your texts, we can do editing and adaptation work for the needs of the audio guide.

Preparation of audio files

Recording texts in various languages takes place in our recording studios in the Baltics. We maintain an extensive database of voice actors. Additionally, if necessary, we can supplement audio files with background music and sounds.


Devices of different models and manufacturers or the ability to play with the help of a QR code.

Delivery and service

Product delivery, training and after-sales service.

What is an audioguide?

What is an audioguide?

Audioguides are devices or mobile apps that offer audio content to provide information about a specific location or attraction to tourists. They provide visitors with audio commentary that they can listen to at their own pace. Audioguides can be rented, purchased at the tour site, or downloaded from the mobile app store.

Audioguide functions

Audioguide functions

Audioguides offers a range of features that can enhance your tour experience. Some of the features include:

  • multi-language support: We offer the audio guide in several languages, so it is an ideal tool for tourists from other countries.
  • Detailed information: The audio guide provides comprehensive insights into the history, culture, and significance of the place to be visited.
  • Customization: The audio guide allows you to tailor the tour experience to your preferences. You can let your visitors choose which areas to explore, skip sections, or pause the audio for a break.
  • Offline availability: Many versions of the audio guides are available offline, meaning you don’t need an internet connection to use them.