Audio & video transcription

What is it?

Audio & video transcription is the process where audio or video files are converted into a written format, preserving their content and meaning. .

How does the audio transcription happen?

A proffesional translator listens to the audio file several times to correctly understand and distinguish the parts of speech.

A translator uses writing skilss and knowledge of the language to write down the content of speech, finding words, phrases and context.

Sometimes the translator may also use special audio transcription software to speed up the process, anyhow, the main focus is on human understanding and interpretation.

How does the video transcription happen?

The translator will view the video file while listening to the spoken text and reading the written text that can show up on the screen.

The translator marks and writes down the spoken text of the speakers as well as any other important visual elements that help to preserve the video content.

It requires precise attention and understanding of the language to transcribe the video content, by including both speech and visual instructions.

Professional audio and video transcription ensures qualitative and precise text version, which is essential for preserving information, analysing the content and providing access to the content for people with different needs and requirements.

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