Audio & video ad reCordings

Increase your brand awareness and use ad recording for your business marketing needs!

We offer to record one commercial recording with different voices in several languages:

Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Russian, Ukrainian

Extensive database of voice actors - male, female, youth and children's voices. You can set the required timbre, age and gender. If you don't know what kind of voice you need, we will work with a sound engineer and a recording planning specialist to help you choose a voice actor to create the necessary mood.

Advertisement recordings for any needs:

Advertisement recordings for any needs:

TV commercial recording

Radio commercial recording

Advertising post for the company's Youtube/Facebook/Instagram or TikTok advertisement.

Voice recording in a company presentation or product presentation video.

The average time needed to record an ad is approximately one day.

You will receive the advertisement recording as a high-quality audio file or already attached to the video material, allowing you to utilise audio advertising to attract new customers or strenghten brand awareness.