Have you ever thought about the behind-the-scenes of the cinema industry and how films come to you dubbed or voice-overed in Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian and Russian languages?

The leading localization and recording company in the Baltics offers a great opportunity - to learn and possibly become a voice actor in the future.

Different course programs are available for both beginners and professionals, offering training in studios with a professional mentor. Participants have the option to learn in both group and individual settings. We will impart skills to create and embody emotional stories using voice acting techniques. Each participant will learn to give a unique expression to every role and story according to their own voice.

Explore the available courses and apply!

Voice check

PRO practice

A professional demo recording of your voice

JUNIOR START level - "Learn your voice!"

START level - “Discover your voice!”

MEDIUM level "Manage your voice"

"Dubbing" course

Master class with professional voice actors

Mini courses in tuning